FIDÉ Living is an interior design firm established in 2006. With a dedicated team of in-house designers, FIDE is able to deliver design and build projects with both form and function.Through the years, Fide Living has evolved to be an established name locally for design and build projects. Our extensive portfolio is the testament to our successful collaborations with our clients. Our portfolio ranges from a variety of private and public residential projects to F&B and commercial projects. FIDÉ Living & Affiliated Companies FIDÉ Living is operated under a Holding Company of affiliated companies owning sole interest in several construction firms, carpentry factories and soft furnishing companies. Because of the affiliation within the value chain, we are able to control workmanship and cost while adhering to demanding deadlines. We have firmly made our mark within the industry and are recognized as an astute partner among discerning private and commercial clients. The client’s satisfaction is our testament.